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Barstool Sports


April 28, 2022


Barstool Sports, despite being a sports and pop culture media giant, faced several challenges with their Shopify store. These included the creation of dynamic and detailed product listings, efficient order fulfillment and tracking, comprehensive sales data management, monitoring of daily sales and shipping performance, as well as the organization of product tags for easy search and navigation. The company was also struggling with creating and managing promotional activities such as discounts and coupon codes.


Our experienced team of Virtual Assistants (VAs) stepped in to deliver a comprehensive solution to all the challenges faced by Barstool Sports. We enhanced the product listings on Shopify by making them more dynamic and detailed, which improved their appeal and visibility. To streamline the order processing, we took over the order fulfillment process, kept customers updated on their order status, and tracked shipments effectively. We also managed sales data, inventory details, and customer information, turning them into actionable reports for Barstool Sports. This data-driven approach helped identify opportunities for business growth and optimize operations. Further, we enhanced search functionality by managing product tags, making it easier for customers to locate their desired products. We also created and managed promotional activities like discounts and coupon codes, thereby driving more sales. This holistic approach not only solved the immediate problems but also set Barstool Sports on the path for sustained growth and success.

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