Virtual Assistants made for scale.

Our team offers fully-managed virtual assistants for medium to large scale businesses, which are pre-trained to handle tedious tasks, freeing up your time. With their vast knowledge, pre-built skill sets, and reliable training model, you can trust us to efficiently manage your workload.

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Not your typical Virtual Assistant.

Unlike popular platforms where Virtual Assistants often manage multiple businesses and deliver subpar quality work, our dedicated Virtual Assistants focus solely on your business, ensuring exceptional quality and undivided attention

Industry Experts

Our Virtual Assistants are skilled professionals with expertise in various industries, equipped to seamlessly integrate with your brand and tackle tasks that hinder your daily workflow.

Proven Methods

Our VAs utilize time-tested methods that have been refined over years of trial and error, so you don't have to bear the expense of the learning process.

Fully Managed

Our management framework relieves you of oversight responsibilities and provides your VA with additional resources.

About us

Building a stronger virtual workforce, one VA at a time.

With Preparo, you gain access to invaluable expertise and training from a top 50 Online Seller. Preparo's founder, Derek DeMeo, acquired invaluable knowledge on his journey to building a 9-figure business, so you can skip the hard lessons. Our clients have witnessed remarkable success rates within just one quarter of leveraging Preparo's services.

A look at the Industry

At Preparo, we eliminate the hassle of making poor hiring decisions by exclusively offering high-quality virtual assistants to meet your needs.

Freelance Hire


Lack of dedication to your business
Your VA works exclusively on your business
Lack of security for private information
Dedicated team lead overseeing your VA
No designated replacement plan
Data protection ensured via NDA agreement
No time tracking capability
No request for login information, only user access
Poor quality deliverables
VA operates within your business hours
Lack of management for accountability
VA is pre-trained for any business model
Our process

The secret to scaling
your online business.

Our streamlined onboarding and training methods save you time and enable your VA to begin working on your tasks right away.

Sign Up + Onboarding

After signing up for Preparo, you can use our form to provide the unique information about your business.

Schedule Your Kick-off Call

During your kick-off call with a team lead, you will receive guidance to prepare on your end while we handle the setup process.

Say "Hello" To Your New VA

Upon receiving your completed form and conducting an initial call, we will gather the specifics of your business. Using our proprietary AI technology, we will match you with a dedicated assistant tailored to meet your unique needs.

"Preparo allowed me to stop getting caught up in day-to-day tasks. I’ve been able to find new products and majorly increase my sales – something I really didn’t think was possible two months ago."
Amazon Seller
"Unlike my past experience with a different virtual assistant, Preparo actually trains their VAs. It’s incredible the difference that has made for me…"
John M
DTC Brand Owner
"The thought of bringing on a VA was overwhelming, but Preparo does it right! There was very little time spent onboarding, and my assistant has been extremely helpful from the start."
Shopify Store Owner

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